Varnish is a one night festival celebrating underground music of all kinds and will be taking place in Chicago on 11/9/2013. There are a few ways to get tickets:

The first is by going to Permanent Records in Chicago and purchasing them at the counter. Tickets through Permanent are $15. You will be asked to leave your name and an email address to receive the address to the venue.
Permanent Records
1914 W Chicago Ave
Chicago, IL 60622

The second is through our paypal for those who cannot reach the store physically. Tickets through paypal are $17. The email address used to purchase tickets will be the one contacted for the location of the venue. Paypal to

Tickets at the door are $20 so get them early. We will only be selling a limited amount before the fest so there may not even be any available the night of Varnish. The only way to ensure you get tickets is by following either one of the steps listed above.

Event time is at 3pm So get here early. Everyone will be emailed the location of the venue before hand ensuring the safety of the fest. Varnish is non for profit, all money received will be payed back to all of bands performing and other expenses required for the fest. The lineup is as follows below. Thanks to Permanent Records Chicago and to all of the bands participating. Varnish is all ages and everyone is welcome to attend. Come support true underground noise!